Casas do Benfica

Better communication and interaction with fans

With UnykTV Signage, the network of Casas do Benfica has enhanced the communication and promotion of its products. The result was reflected in sales growth and greater brand awareness and exposure.

SL Benfica is one of the largest football clubs in Portugal and its fan community continues to grow nationally and internationally. Due to this, it was necessary to improve the communication of the brand and products of the various Casas do Benfica throughout the world. One of the goals was to enhance direct communication with supporters.


  • Presenting new products and promotions in different countries, time zones and in real-time
  • Improving communication with supporters

The UnykTV Solution has been a success. Now we receive updated information from the organization and from whom we work with every day, reaching out to all members and supporters around the world.

Jorge Jacinto

Department Manager – CASAS DO BENFICA.


A Unyktv solution was the answer. With the integration of Unyktv Signage, several problems were solved. Information from the entire organization is now updated, effectively reaching all members and supporters. It’s possible, for example, to broadcast real-time news, publicize products and promotions, and interact with fans easily through social media.

The implementation was easy, and the solution was a huge success. By integrating digital signage, Casas do Benfica improved their internal and external communication, increased sales with personalized service and now provide a better customer experience.


  • Simple communication
  • Better customer experience
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Sales growth in the food and beverage sector
  • Personalized service
  • Optimized information
  • Updated communication

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