Hotspot Municipality of Loulé

The Municipality of Loulé has now smarter cities

The municipality of Loulé trusted Algardata to install a network of hotspots in its cities. The Municipality’s locals and visitors now have access to a safe and quality Wi-Fi experience.


  • Give the cities of the Municipality a free Wi-Fi network.

The Municipality chose to install fiber optic due to its already known advantages. Then, the choice and design of the poles was made. They protect the equipment from the various weather conditions so that people can enjoy the Wi-Fi all year round.

The project has proved a success, we had days in July and August with more than 3,000 sessions.

Francisco Sousa

Head of Computer Division and Systems Administration


The installation of hotspots has made the cities of the Municipality smarter, more accessible and modern. As it has been verified in other cases, access to Wi-Fi promotes local commerce, activities, tourist attractions, public services and it facilitates access to locals and visitors.

The BackOffice allows you to:

  • Check the number of simultaneous sessions
  • Create different user profiles
  • Check the speed of internet access
  • See most commonly used login options
  • Customize permissions
  • Customize login page

“With the BackOffice we can control the accesses we have, the traffic, and how many people are connected simultaneously.” – Francisco Sousa


  • Response to the high degree of Wi-Fi demand
  • More accessible and intelligent cities
  • Simple BackOffice Control

“But we want to go further with Algardata’s partnership so that we donate the cities and Loulé’s Municipality with a Smart city policy.

Pedro Pimpão

Vice-President of Loulé’s City Council

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