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Nosolo Group bets on digital communication

The new communication channels integrated into Nosolo spaces facilitate the communication and promotion of varied products and themes.


  • Create an easy-to-use communication channel
  • Promote brand products in an instant and versatile way

The Nosolo group has always bet on communication and on making a strong market presence all year round. For this presence to be more stable, the group adopted the UnykTV Signage and UnykTV Channel products, which allowed to boost the brand image and communicate more efficiently with customers. Both products were adapted to the brand needs.

I would advise someone who needed a communication of proximity, a reliable and fast communication. It’s perfect for when you want to launch a promotion, a new product, an announcement at the last minute.”

Nuno Aires

CMO Nosolo Group


  • Promoting products more effectively and dynamically
  • Closer proximity to customers
  • Brand disclosure
  • Content diversity

According to the CMO of the Nosolo group, UnykTV products enable closer communication with customers at various sales points.

With UnykTV Channel the brand has already produced and presented various contents, being able to control communication effectively and at the same time in an easy and intuitive way.

Algardata is a very important partner in the Algarve, a partner with the technology we need to also move towards new bets and new communication channels

Nuno Aires

CMO Nosolo Group

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